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Haunted fields
It seems to swirl here
in the thick heavy air
That song cast long, long ago
that filled the hills and dales
smothered the essence of life
and laid the empty breath heavy
Upon these fields worn and dead.
Its a place where the souls wonder
aimless to the ancestral beats
the lays of this eternal flesh of land
that haunts the centuries
To the decayed dreams, the mornings cry.
A battlefield
Marred by the wretched blood that flowed
from warriors hand and noble steed
that dressed the wounds of life so pale
and crushed the hordes of time to
The bitter array of sorrow and tears.
O' the tempest of night
that hovered amongst these departed souls
Brave men all, the deed fair fought
surrounds these poor souls of night
To make  the battle ever right
In deep wrung tears the sword still slashes
the blades cut deep, the wounds gashes
The battle cry that vibrant roar
heard upon the winds once more
They clammer too, fight and fade
where blade to flesh taunts the masquerade
and leaves the world of dreams to rear
This night bears fast mans common tear.
Woe they come the mothers old
The wife's demented, the daughters cold
Gathering the form of loved ones around
Howling into the night, deaths wailing sound
Ah! What right the wrongs befall
The mystery of death, the legions that call
That though all gone into deaths great rapture
This battle of cry their souls recapture.
The Fallen body amidst its peers
upon these fields of battles fears
A soul so bound to mortal clay
the moment relived in constant play
That marks well the sorrow of that day.
We stand to admire the brave in deed
Recount the Chivalry, honours seed
We bless the fallen e'er by name
forgive the bloodstain of their shame
Such be the horrors of the night
that wings so fast wars evil might
We cast our lots upon empty dreams
And leave the night to their haunting screams.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Its in the mark of a word
the lay of a line
the words compact tight to form
draws rich upon the other
intense to the sway
these mortal passages of thought
eternal array
speaks out deep, full
performs its cause
the state
Till illuminated
by pitch and tone
another perceives
gains, grasps
the words undying melody
A portrayal of solitude's depth
grasping the breath of past gone poets
the words said
leave a multitude of images to graft
All that is unsaid.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Before the gates closed

It was before the gates closed
Afore these tides faded from the shore
That this Isle of blessed union state
held the mystery of time
and breathed upon the gentle air
the promise of the eternals.
Warriors crafted to the songs
the old tales that utter from ancient lips
hover here still in the glens and braes
The battles and forays of time,
When Gods raged the dreams of man
and laid to sleep the quest of their visions
To behold the mighty chambers bold.
Before we lost the wisdom
A time prior to mans distant past
That still begs its utterance
upon the blades of emerald fields
Within the fine haunting mists of Time.
We journey each these ancient shores
Unseen to their games of yore
that still continuously plays
The heroes -Gods, Fairy Queens
The realms of the ever living ones.
Now and then
When the moment strikes the hearts familiar
There rushes between the branches of Oak and Rowan
The faded whispers of their Gaelic tongue
To drench an opened mind yet again
To the melodies of their Pipes and harps
upon silent airs and casual jigs
The buttercup sways, dandelion sparkles
where the Robin full breasted chirps
to the unending tune of life
Giving honour to the ancient graces and accord
That fills the pine filled glades of home.
We sit now silent
empty to those old causes, ways
that filled our fathers to martial story
And held the flame of these Isles alive.
Gone now, faded ever so fast
that we fail in our grasp of reason
for that which cannot be held
and we ransom ourselves
To the bidder of tales
Hollywood romances and dreams
that hold us empty to the truth of what we are
Till lost in our journey we long the simple ways again.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph



I cradle the memories
tenderly hold them
nourishing them by constant reflection
Long gone visions
that round the corners of my mind
carrying me afar across the deep blue sea
To the cherished emblem of my soul.
You stand there
as always like a fine mist of form
drawing the haunting want, the chill
coaxing my mind to remember
every laugh and giggle
each deep played thought
drift upon the sound of your voice
Mellow like the sea's chant.
I stand here
where the silence invades
leaves me longing again
that soft tender encounter
of heart thought and mind
To a day in June long ago
when your smile cracked open
And changed the world forever.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Savored Dreams
Oh but if in sweet Savored dreams
where fast to cite the vantage thrill
I see her roaming the fields of these vibrant thoughts
To cast my night off to her
to the abode where promises rich
chills the senses, thrill the mind
and lays me deep within her heart and womb
The testimony of a passion true.
Should I wake
to find the vision'd sight a dream
How fast would I bid those silent chambers
the dark abyss where night so lingers
To cry upon the shattered dreams of night
Seek each shaded fold of thought
Till there again I behold her beauty
and sleep the depth of my desire.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Fae spirit
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

GeanCannach to his LianaSidhe

Its the last stanza
the final farewell my love
That all that was ever here
fades to the deepest sea
drowns to the sorrow
And empties into the void.

Not easy to say good-bye
to toss to the winds the final shards
walk back into life again
without that which once was me
I will walk
Slowly, surely on.

The years have been
come and gone
the days of promised bliss
covered by the shroud of pain
wears constant to the memories
Drives and draws fast and true.

I sit here... Silently
as if awaiting the air to change
for a moments wish that you re-addressed
and longed the truth of love,
I know now you cannot be
that the dawn ended long, long ago
and has left the twilight adrift
Where once my heart stood strong.
 Alisdaire O'Caoimph


To a moment,Pleasures and you
May I but here with you
spend what for a second draws
and fills the moments days away,
gives life to the second and bridges,
Aye ever bridges what within you flows
down to the depths of me.
A mortal spark of similiar thoughts
that here between us, we are bound
forever to the union, that truth so freely breeds,
That love and friendships boundaries,
we all forever learn.
I look upon the the typed metaphors
that engage deep the swirling pools of life
and I know by truth and all by reason
what lays deep within your rageing heart.
But if I whisper softly
upon the cloud filled pillows by which you rest,
will you listen and understand
or shall you turn deaf to word and plead,
leaving empty as oft the times before,
what was by truth destiny, fate.
Aye, we simple creatures oft but fail to see.
what wings upon the lines of destiny
and close to our eyes, fold forth our minds
fearing all tis but a fantasy.
The Heart knows, fine well it bears the role
and draws ever the flesh to fore
that even the simple pain, the silent torment,
tis better than no love at all.
this vile corrupted form tis not,
Not what by Gods grace I see and feel
but rather the broken boundaries you have gathered round
to protect the soft flesh and delicate soul.
Here now give breath to mine,
give sense to sense and fill around,
all the beauty that so longs its freedom,
that with which our hearts are sorely bound,
I fear not a tomorrow that may never be
Nor do I gather where illusionary words fill the mind
but in the true essense of you am I forever bound
to the moment, it's pleasure and only you.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph