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From Which It springs
I cannot lay anymore upon you
where these words fetter away unheard,
It is a loss of such inward meaning
to have what I feel exposed
Yet!  There unreturned.
Love, in all its majesty
holds no sway where another's heart
lays empty upon a sea of doubt
tossed upon those waters so harsh
That love is a forgotten cry to the pain.
Years bear the necessity
where hearts long the final embrace
that would trace
their journey up and through
That bitter end of parting.
It's not so much how much one loved
as the intensity of its depth,
It's not all the hands that held
nor lips that imbued
that makes the vision true
Or love more strong.
Rather its that one love,
That passage that never ends and holds one
There where the winds silence
Engulfs the whole and one becomes truly one.
Few know it, few express it
Yet, It lies embedded within
all our dreams, our wants,
That here upon such a night
echoes out to you
but deaf, you turn
and see not its hue
Nor know that root from which it springs.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


The Keep
That here in this twilight
where the Sun fades upon the gloaming hours
I draw my thoughts upon her form
where heart to mind amidst the storm
calls her name out upon the darkened skies.
for the want so great that fills my skin
the desire so burns deep its flame
That all I can do is dream a dream
Hope a hope and echoes a prayer
That beside her will find me there
To hold the vision, the wanting need
to be always around and within
The structures of her day.
Is it strange or wrong to want as much
To feel the need within pang upon its cry
This delight that some how holds upon you
The texture that is my soul.
Love, this want, this need
here so gathers upon the mind
and rushes out in such a way
As to fill my world so bright.
Its not that I'm lost to you
that these feeling consume to much
Rather that in the fringe of my being
I understand, Know deep
This love longs your keep.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Finds I'm Gone
In the distance
A clap of thunder rolls upon the night
illuminating the flash of light
crawls out from the underbelly of cloud
races across the dark domain
And frizzles away.
Nights like these
seem to hold me more tight
The soft gentle rain falls
across the lamp lite street
reflecting like tiny stars
Out upon the road.
I seem locked to the radiance of the moment
trapped between what my eyes see
and the mind configures out and through
the imagery that echo's within,
Plays upon plays run their course
And I day dream the moments whim.
I've come to love these moments of solitude
That somehow focuses deeper the inner me.
I become resolved to my being, a little harmony of space
That infatuates, lowers my guard and holds me in awe.
A place of radiance, forbearance
Where the thunder seems to touch my soul.
It is here that I feel most alive
that the reality of the moment springs from their eternal roots
Those elements that drive and hold existence to,
strains the moment, then in floods releases my heart
to feel the grandeur, the solace of space and time
Till vacuumed upon itself, I find I am gone.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

This Play
The breath of time
here hangs its lofty scent
where the gray mists hover
upon each rock and blob of clay.
Fields dressed upon this haunting filter
that sweeps from land to sea
covering the horizon line
between the black shards of trees
where the sky to earth disappears
In this blanket dense and deep.
One can hear the cries
that hover from ancient lips
sense the marching hordes
Of battle lines and charging horse
Where the hint of crashing steel
beats like a regimental drum
and between the fine mists one sees
The ghosts of yesteryear.
Black the Ravens and the crows
squawk out in independent mind
The days early drift and sway
That here upon these fields of home
Echoes out to mind this play.

Soul of me
I nestle beside
Where song to form bids
There its soft profound rest
Where in the completeness I find
The wholesome reality
The want that's you
Resides here, where my heart
In dance, In flight, Holds
The gathered images, The face
Of what you bear and hold
Within the soul of me.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Had always been
There is something beyond us
A feel that outweighs the moment
seems ever drawn too
the expression that each bodied soul requires
Holds and attains in a magical air.
That others see it
know the crafting within our ways
holds us to their touch
where blessings ignite
fill every nook and cranny
Of what it is we seem to hold, portray.
Is it the love
that they feel flows softly
Where our eyes partake, unite?
This twirling romance that seems to be
of it's own expected,
As if it had always been!
Alisdaire O'Caoimph