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I cant really say what it is
That draws me so, seems to hold me
Upon its fine charismatic flavor
distills within me
Those fine thoughts
pragmatic ramblings of mind
that sweeps across in tides of reason
Where in truth no reason exists.
It's looking into a mirror
that self, reflecting back
cries out within me
those long past days
That fill every boundary
opens its seems unusual doors
Into the wide spectrum of existence.
In the quite times
where my mind drifts upon the soft words
I come to understand something more deep
More real than all that existence holds true
That Love,
That virus of the soul
spurges within unique metaphors
of the fine lines by which mortals place
The guiding vortex of existence.
That God, that power. being
In our constant search
opens the windows of the Soul
That we all may breath deep its fill.
Here upon the fine tuned fork
Love draws itself out upon the pain
Subdues the heart and holds it
Like a warm deep ocean
Where love in tides
Sweeps humanity away.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


This Want
Is there anymore to life
than that by which in truth makes us whole
Holds us upon its soft balance
leads us to the infinite light
and shines its blessing down.
We all know this want
that hovers so near our souls
Haunting us by day and night
to that which within we already know
That love is love,
sacred beyond the doubt
Pulsing our being like vibrant stars
holding upon our dreams and visions bright
Making us alive to the moment
In a way that nothing else in existence can
The joy, this need
This want beyond all want
To love and be loved.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Kentucky Mist
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Upon this ground
The day rings upon a moment
when fast to you his heart would sail
Where upon the stillness of the waters
They share therein a second frail
That all in life but runs to fast
a moment gone never to last
Such the grief that wings its way
To the profound meanings in a day.
To reach for what no longer is
A vision past, that once was his
the beating heart fades its sound
Upon her tomb, Upon this ground.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Valleys Deep
The day washes there upon
the humid air, the hot rays
That fill the bones to a weary tune
and sleep seeks its biding hue
The eyes laid heavy to the crust of the day
The song that fills the birds array
bursts upon this dream like fairy tale
frees life's momentum, its worn out sail
and seeks the confines there of sleep
Where dreams roll in valleys deep.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Norning mists KY
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

The Want
I sit here beside you
where the candles flame flickers upon the wall
The moments rush to fast it seems
for all I want to say and show
That the expression within your eyes
cries back deep upon my own
little consistencies of knowing
that travels the roots of our being
and here in the silence where we lay
Speaks the volumes of centuries.
The words that long to carry
the dreams that fill so the mind and heart
to a story that upon itself
holds and travels far
Between the continents of you and I.
Our roads are not so different
Our grounds so much the same
Its these little metaphors of expression
that gathers you within my arms to fly,
reach and touch the bewildering moment
That hangs upon the air between our sigh.
The knowing
that no matter what comes or goes
our eyes have met, held the reality of our being
and expressed most profoundly
The want within our souls.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Cannot Depart
A thought
here ponders deep the brain
holds the image there to strain
the simple complexities that within
draws upon love and there does spin
into the realizing whisper inside
that love is love, It cannot hide
For it strolls the depth by which we are made
upon the planes where lovers played
the visions of the moment, the heart's sweet sway
That here my woman to, does stray
The tangible hope, soft allure
of that which comes gentle, pure
into the bridging gap within the heart
A love that cannot depart.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Beside you
I lie here beside you
viewing the beauty that rests
Nestled against my chest
My arms tight around you
My hand cupping your breast
Laying in the profound
That moment when the world hushes
Finds the scented air
embossed upon your fragrance
You head against mine
where My lips press, kiss
You seem made to my form
The way your body so fits
Like a harmony of limbs
That dresses each other into one fine being.
I lay here in the dreaming
That half awakened state
that seems to find me here
where the mind never wishes to leave
where the heart does cleave
To the peaceful serenade of the moment.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Is it my words
Is it my words
That hold you, caress the night
Dwells where the caverns
Sweep the empty lonely places
That fills to the want
The aroused touch
The heat, the need.
Is it my words
That drip gently upon your lip
Like a long sojourning kiss
Vibrant to the bliss
That shades the scarlet rose
Upon its breath.
Is it my words
That shall dress the new Sun
open again the frontier
where dreams collide the reality
To confide
the sweet pinch
the bruised moment
When love calls
Echoes past the doorway
And holds you true.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Passage through
Is there ever a moment between
a woman and a man, When all holds
almost through itself
a small reflection into the mirrored space
where the Soul for a split second
see itself so awakened and whole,
that the full story of what is love
seems to beat in their hearts
somehow surges upon the same flow
binds the moment into a scared presence
That seems to draw them closer together.
I held such a moment
Felt that pure embodied flow
edge upon the reality of the moment
She buried into my lap
sang the same note, gauged the same attire
That drew upon the simple breath, a harmony so deep
That the morning cried the sweetness of the moment
held its sigh upon the reality
And allowed the passage through.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Tennessee Iris
Photo by Alisdaire