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Jamie Ni Caoimph
I've seen you grow,
ah! take wing to the flight
dance the wild delight
That life has bid you do.
The wee bairney lass
that sat upon my lap
spread her glee to the gap
and giggles a toothless smile.
I've watched the years pass
cross my visions to this wonderous lass
I pressed the impressions both good and bad
Stood beside you when happy or sad.
yet I ever wanted and thought so true
That this girl of tender dreams
would fill to life's streams
And bid a young women full.
You are indeed a vision
with a mind of perfect decision
your focused roots and graceful looks
behold the dreams and journeys afar
To be forever my brightest star.
That I am proud of all of you
each whispered goal
your gain from life's toil
You drew to be exactly true
A lady of such tremendous dignity
and for all you do
for all you say
I shall love you ever
From day to day.
No matter the outcome
what good or bad you do
I shall forever accept and love
All the differences in you.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Looked at you

I awakened to a new light
that held the dawn in still
till it had arose within my heart
Gardens so deep and vast
with flowers of every bloom
I heard the birds within
sing a sweet song of love
and understanding all said
I turned and looked at you.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph
A Little word
A little word
flies, cries
outward runs
flows, grows
faster upon the air
grasping, gasping
needing to share
screams, dreams
vibrant to the ear
whispers, whimpers
All it contains.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Pluck of a string

It starts softly
the gentle pluck of a string
that hums upon its own vibration
equating all to a note, a sound
Then flows softly upon the air
to tantalize the ear, awaken the mind
and sometimes deeper beyond compare
it touches the heart, romances the soul
Into its vibrant beauty
Consuming all to grace.
It is here I found you
in the soft recesses of your voice
that sang so deeply within me
awakened a heart to pump and drive
the mind to dream again and sing
such it is, when words and voice
equate to the resounding depth within
and hushes all to the profound moment
That love finally bears its coat
And walks humbly before the eyes.
Its in the whispers of nightly dreams,
we all bear them upon our midnight cries
that eternal want again to be
to come alive and feel the heart's great rapture
the souls desire to forever copulate its form
to the oneness that love so begs it be,
and here I hear the twilight winds
sweep clean and pure the fabrics of thought
where emotion drives fast and hard to tower through
Echoing its want, its need to be and feel.
I look deeply into your eyes
picture my universe anew
where sunsets and dawn stretch into an infinity
of promised dreams and future's bright comet's tail
that ever rings the value of your form here to me
and cries upon the tender most hopes
My hand in yours,
my soul bound and true
that love wakes that shuddering foundations of life
and allows its brilliance true its hue
Till lips touch
hands caress
and love sings it true melody of hope
That here now I see in you.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

window of sorrows
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Torn Veil
It comes as a whisper
A breath of sheer torment
that fills the dreamy fluids of thought
captivates them to its weary song
and drifts far along the banks of comprehension
Till ravished fully It dies a thousand deaths
and echoes its shuddering form outward
Into the final vision, the last fringe.
To bare its self to the nights slow creep
that delusional hope
Fast, drawn upon the whimpered prayer
That final gasp
Life ebbs slowly and finely away
Into the pits of dark shadowlands
where only the nights howl gathers
And death smirks upon the torn veil.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Enchanted I
Enchanted I
by her my LianaSidhe

Caught like a fish
upon a lure of bonnie smiles;
Bewitched by all her craft
that ever before me stands.
Enchanted I
by two deep pools of blue
and hair, gold and Ivory entwined,
by cameo silk, moon glossed skin
fragrant, warm, inviting
evoking the tempest of my passion.
Enchanted I
By some form of witchcraft
Spun by forces beyond my depth
and I like a fly to the web,
helplessly await to be devoured
consumed spirit, flesh and body.
Enchanted I
by what work of Gods' involved
to send swiftly that ancient arrow
that flies from cupids bow so straight
to engulf the beats of this heart,
draining the soul drop by drop
till all that is me within her dwells.

Enchanted forever,

Enchanted to you.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


I bind You
I bind you
Where my passion roams
To  that fire within that consumes your soul
I know your want that fills fast your dreams
That lays upon the nights passionate scream
And begs my ravished lips their fill
Against the warmth of you flesh
I shall trace the love potion of time
Consume you into the depths of my fiery thoughts
and wage the tempest springs upon your form
To Love, and love wholly from my very depths
To the sweet aroused breath of you
I shall lay in your glorified eyes my dreams
and cast the mornings praise upon your mind
Drawing deep and sure as life bestows
The locked secrets of your soul.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Dawn Ni Caoimph

Dawn Ni Caoimph
It's a glimmer through the past
a walk upon the fringe of reality
where images of youth and time collide
swirl in their oneness until whole
And brings back little drops of yesterday.
I see the little brown haired girl
playing in the mud pies
always a smile and giggle
That ran upon her face a mile.
Those soft hues within her eyes
that dressed loves most perfect being
we would play at times for hours
drifting to the currents of home
Where mum and dad were waiting.
The years dim what for consciousness sake
the little habitants we call our home
stretches full circle and breeds upon the day
A new light, place, field and dream.
We've traveled far around this globe
seen the happy times, the sad
But I still picture the mud pie girl
Know the frolic of her tom boyish ways
That still cracks a chuckle here.
There's journeys we all partake
some easy, others hard
and along the way though tides separate
drifts each thought upon a distant gate
we share in the balance of what we are and were
The words that love and family hold so true.
My sister, is a dream of life
she holds her ways but constant and true
I see the world sometimes through her eyes
and know that there, as here, she's always near
where brother and sister by fates so sweet design
has crafted us together in a way divine.
So alas the years may come and they may go
the world may shine for what it does show
but the love we have, we share till the end
It's what by root we both defend.
A brother and Sisters love.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Alisdaire and Dawn
Japan 1967