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Queen of the Damned
The charred emotions flood the field
where blue eyes gazed upon the haphazard strain
of metaphoric images that seemed of themselves entwined
To her hearts shudders, her silent screams.
I've seen the power of love's destruction
that can so over fill and ride a character like
displaced images that haunts the backgrounds
And leaves an air of devastation in its wake.
The tell tale signs proceed her entrance
Like a cloak that masquerades her form
and slowly heads turn away, eyes downward fall
that the communicative gene be not displayed
For the weight of sorrow and pain's forbearance hinges,
Cracks upon the open wound its pungent aroma
That strangers can sense and feel.
I know the women, her inner soul
that once so rich to life did flow
and gathered like an orchard rich and full
The fruits of natures bliss.
She struggles here between herself
The actions and folly that so crafted well this horrendous sight
left her empty and long dead to Love's sweet prestigious lullaby
And crowned her Queen of the damned.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

There isn't a moment
There isn't a moment
that you don't crawl out upon my thoughts
laying naked to the inner thrill
the wanting need that only you fulfill
Seems to satisfy me unlike any other.

There isn't a time
that your image reflects here back upon mine
shrouds me in its memory and haunts
where ever the needs fill, daunts
Till over taken in the sweetness, I dream.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

My Wee Yin

Its how you play me
each tender word that draws me
how your pen enshrouds me
To those feelings deep and blue.

Its the games between us
the temptation's lure
that traps and holds me tight
To breath of you.

There are words longed to be said
softly spoken in the thunder of dreams
where you come to me, naked and free
To the consuming need that fills.

My mind, how well it has journeyed your form
aroused those breasts to perfect grace
and teased the sensitive sparks of want
That pour as liquid dew.

You have carried me away
where the scent of life beholds your form
and wills the want of every inch
Till beside me you lay, wanting, pleasing.

Our words carry the heaven's sweet balance
that draws humbly from wanting hearts
tender sighs, and wishful thoughts
To be, simply to feel and touch.

You sit there so far, far away from me
yet here you hold fast my desires
tease them to their full
And empty me to you.

Words here hold us
draw us together upon the night's sweet drift
to call you mine, To need you like no-other
And free myself deep within your tears.
We are, simply said the heaven's delight
spun upon the pages of time
here to dream and have our fill
Of each other, sublime.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Waves of Cliodna

Sun at Dusk
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Sun to Sky
I whisper
the soft dialect
that rattles upon the tongue
what glitters fast from the heart
flows deep within this mind
and caresses so my soul.

Little soft words
no poetry truly
can grasp nor refine in any way
that will ever come close to
expressing the subtle need for you
The desired want, passion.

I try
where words
allow deep my flow
to show the boundaries of heart
The love that here cannot be denied.
That is bound to you as the Sun to sky.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Sweet Aroma
There is more to be seen
so much that lays mysterious
that holds the sweet aroma of eternal bliss
and lays the depth of love open
like that bloom that's fragrant, free
The spirit of a woman.
It's not enough just to love her
A man must allow the flower true to grow
to stand triumphant to the breeze
allow her mind its equal share
and lay all upon her foundations
With the respect and honour she deserves.
What lays so profound
that awakens a mans eyes to see
that she is in all truth and weight
A goddess upon this Earth.
I dream of her, of nights embraced upon her
where the scent of passion captures fast the breath
and lays the soul to the eternal want.
This truth is all we have
that if we love them, then we love them but whole
Their mind, their hearts, their fragrant flesh
drawn to the meaning of loves true bliss
That a man can never be without them
that a soul will wander aimless this world
torn and dead like the empty silence of night
until Love awakens like a giant Sun arising
Till a mans horizons shine bright and pure
This is the love, the heart
And between the two grows the soul,
The world drifts sweet upon the song
and all holds fast to the perfected beauty
That only true love filters through to our eyes.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


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