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Mountains 5

Sidhe's calling
(In Celtic myth and legend, The twilight hours are those that belong to the Fairy realms, Where mortals can be taken into the twilight realms of the Sidhes, A place that time stands still, the moment hushes and the soul lingers to the nightly feasts of the eternal's. I suppose I take this to apply to our dream world as much as to a factual place.)

She hovers upon the wings of night
casts her drift of the fairy tunes
that creep like the fine mists of time
Engulfs the land, inhabits the realms
where thoughts so gather, flood and flow
Covering the world into her fine blanket
To drift us all to the world of dreams.

It is here that all possibilities arise
takes flight upon the fancy cries
Hovers lightly upon perpetual forms
and lingers in the thick flowered groves
In this world where the fairies dance
to the old jigs and airs
Swirl the embrace of their twilight realms
Between the mantel of the universe.

It is here upon their midnight embrace
that the ancient Gods arise and cry
their archaic forms stretch forth
Grasping hold of man's internal cries
They summon the strings of the ancient web
whereby all creation stems and flows
Illuminating us to their ways ever afresh
And placing deep within the will, the form.

Oh! How we arise to the Dawns sweet call
relishing to the finial vestige of the night
We wish to return to that realm of no pain
where sorrow and fears all subside
to the pleasure of the sidhe's ways
where life holds its true embrace
and love wings its fluttered call
and draws fast the human soul
into the desired length of passion's night.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Westend church- Nashville
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Isle of dreams
She comes in visions dancing
where the old roads meet the new
Her gown of silks finest woven
drifts upon the melody of air
haunting to her sweet form
playing upon the minds soft drift
her erotic dance of life.
How well the moon glimmers within her eyes
she the constellation of paradise
weaves her whispered song of nightingale
Upon the winds  vibrant breeze
she fills the nights array of dreams.
The flowers sway here to the chorus
of the enchanted realms of fairy lore
where maidens in ready play
dance the vibrant chill of the western winds
that sweeps upon the Isle of dreams.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

country road TN
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Tis but a dream
Tis but a dream!
Flowing wildly,
Intae tha memories
Tha goals, tha desires,
Delving intae tha deepths
Touching tha he'rt,
Romancing tha soul
Exciting tha senses,
Pulling at tha emotions.

Tis but a dream!
Aye sae true,
Yet e'er sae real
an' yin begins tae act,
within its wonnerous play
such nichts
Her purfume, her form,
An all else fades
Save for her touch,
Her smile, her love.

For she tis but a phantom,
A ghost O lang ago
That haunts nue my e'er dream.
Tis but a dream?
Aye ,tis but a dream!
Tis but a dream!

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Scottish Poet
Sir Walter Scott

Poppy Fields

Poppy bloom
There is no other flower bloom
that by its self represents such gloom
As that memorial flower Poppy red
stained by Knights long now dead
that delivered their last drop of life filled Zest
and sprinkled red the white Poppy blest.

Time has shown the pale grim faces
of fallen comrades in bloody places
and marching in memorial to the gone
express in tears War's great wrong.

Each generation fears their fate
in fields where poppies congregate
for there amongst the fragrent scented flow
Lays the sleep Eternal Knights all know.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Places found
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

By the Rowan
Here between the Rowans branches
and the drifting tides of the summer's eve
do I lay deep contented with head resting
Upon the lap of my own true love.
These scented fields fill
to the tender beats of fluttering wings
and lazy long drawn skies
where your whispers partake
to dance within my mind
and draw my lips to warmly invite
to tease the moments bliss
and to ride the evening song
Of all that love so longs to be.
Shall I trace the worlds tomorrow's
My deepened sigh, upon my love.
To grace me with each blessed morning
her form, her laugh, her mind
These days of promise I swear
shall pass far beyond the silken gown
to the gentle years
that I shall hold you as dearly
As eagerly as that summer's day by the Rowan.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph"

Sranding Stone

Old wise ones
how you have stood here
against wind,snow and rain.
Grey companions
watchers of horizons
ever silent.
Drawing upon
gathering deep within
to marvel both hearts and minds.
Your silent mysteries
revolving through
Days, Nights,Months and years.
Tokens of the ancestors
liberators of the silent
structures of mind and life.
Laying open
primal desires that shift
within those orbs of mind,Heaven.
Standing each
facing the other
a circle never broken.
Always to be
companions to us and our children
To be forever to the generations-
-----The Old Wise Ones.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


           Gean Cannach
       The celtic fairy lover

You raise me, within your dreams
Calling to the aether's of time
Haunting my abode of eternal symmetry
Till harkening to those calls I come.

The winds carry me like wild charging stallions
Riding upon the breath of lavender's blending scent
To rest upon the post of your abode
watching you dream your dreams in bed.

It is here My cries summon the world
that sweetest fantasy that lingers e'er with you soul
I drive upon those liquid forms my shape
and enter your dream with you.

Feel the warmth of my breath
that tickles softly the form of your neck
hear my voice, deep bass intoned
vibrate gently, lulling your thought to mine
And feel me gather your stature up
to carry to the setting sun your form
and there upon the peaks of my place
I rest you upon my throne.

I will not take you.....
I will leave you wanting and filled
till the desire flows out from your eyes
Till your form in anguish begs my touch.
And as you watch me deflower others
turning virgin thoughts e'er to me
you shall long my pressure and my scent
upon that form that here summoned me.
Enchantment fills my endowment
I watch as your eyes see me perform
and how the lust and constant desire
fills the needs that beat in you,
Dare you have me now?
While i take those dreams of me
and dance my solitary place of woe
to all that seek me here.
I see your hands touching, caressing
wanting them mine and more
for you hunger that eternal throbbing
that aching pain that swirls within
and you know unlike any mortal lover
I know all your wants and desires.
Oh but how I weave your fears with your desires
how I play upon even your wakened thought
Till you want no other lover
none but I can subdue your form
Take you to the breathless heaven
Wear you as my own flesh
and have you live my tempest reign of thought
Can you satisfy my desire?
Draw me within and make me cry
No mortal yet has set that flame
But I, Aye! How I ride these feminine dreams
How I draw you close and devour your heart
I eat you slowly, deliberate in all my ways
Till left haunted to my lips, you e'er but beg
another wanting touch,another Kiss.
I appear as that grandest knight, A prince
Aye! As a God upon mortal horizons
My form like bronze and setting sun
with legs firm, structured strong.
Virgin hearts melt to me
their innocent minds sing my words
and how with them the night moans to their sighs.
Then my lovers, more they are, but many
that I have romanced the bed songs of many nights
They still call me , want and need me
to satisfy where Husbands and lovers draw short.
For their dreams are my dreams,
their visions, Me.

But I, I am forever lonely
lonely to the being I am
I am the haunt of natures calling
ever alluring , yet always bound
But for once a mortal breath
that to mine will ride the night
One I shall awaken too in my morning
in these Sidhe gatherings of Tir Na Og
and when I awaken, I so long to hear
A soft petaled voice say,My darling Geancannach.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


                   Tiny Wings
  • Hearts will flutter like tiny wings
  •  soaring spirits into the depths of heaven
  • hovering in the stillness, the silence
  • When love embraces, arms unite
  • Lips entice and passions burn
  • flying those brilliant sapphire skies
  • racing those mighty currents of sea
  • Laying in the softness of space
  • in feelings that are at last realised
  • Born fresh to life and all its vastness
  • With hearts fluttering like butterflies.
  • Alisdaire O'Caoimph