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Nashville lights, twilight sights
The dancer's dream, the faded stream
perfumed ally, vagrant sally
The words that call, the deadly fall
Embraced indifference, padded surveillance
The silent dreams, The nightly screams.
Whispered messages, diluted references
Fresh bound hopes, depravity copes
indecent alliance, vengeful compliance
dressed for show, momentum's flow
A southern will, the bitter pill
These little flickers that embrace
The dreams of fame's tormented face.
 Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Here In The South
The spring's winds here in the south
hold the magnolia hint upon the air
The warm day's rays conquers the mornings chill
And the vapors of the day seem to dance upon the mind.
Seems all in Tennessee draws upon its hush
The little market stores holds the laid back expression
The old men still linger around the corners
with the chewing tobacco stains the pavement
And all the while the sun beats upon beat
the blazon rays of a springs radiance
and drops upon the frown of an offer
Of sweetened tea and apple pie.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

    Destiny Cries
I bash away upon the set path
holding the vigil, the aftermath
that plummets and falls
as so at times must dreams
upon the course of life's struggle
these vibrant streams
Life that most sacred of jewels
Teacher inevitable, lessons schools
we each partake the mellow root of fate
and there do fly or congregate
To where our destiny cries.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Tootsies bar

Ah! the pain that here engulfs
a tragedy cut from one's own blade
that holds most sacred the ravished hour
When words went unsaid.
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The tears bellow out and fall
like a story without recall
This haunting world wherein one roams
Like a crashing sea, raging, foams.
The empty eye
the hollowed cry
The days torture rings afar
like the image of a falling star
It crosses the lonely planes of sky
Never knowing its course, the reason why.
Love that undeniable phantom of space
holds upon the mortal race
dreams relished where delights are found
the promise of new found ground
She walks the lonely place of fate
where he stands constant at her gate
but neither one holds the courage true
To simply say, I love you.
Years and folly don't give a damn
where tales they sink and inward jam
The moments quest is to be taken
gathered within and outward shaken
to awaken the moment, the truth to bare
Words spoken, the love to share
Such little things these fears we dread
that leaves us walking like we were dead
It's the simple word that could change a life
awaken within, relieve the strife
that one may walk that scented road
where dreams gather, tales are told
and love that merry tune of life
Finds man and woman, husband and wife.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph



Tennessean Blues
He comes here often
where yesterday slide into another
those chameleon days that play
facet upon facet,
the heavy southern air draws
out between the willows fringe
hangs softly upon the breeze
where these valleys and hills dress
The Tennessean blues.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Gypsy fiddle
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Once a wife
Once your eyes dressed me upon their sparkle
like a song you were, fresh to the ears
made me forget the wandering years, the silent tears
that filled the empty want within.
Now you look with those dazed eyes
that see only your reflection,
and everything that ever came to be,
faded, died
To life's bitter symphony.
Once upon a long, long time
you held the status of my Queen
you reigned equal here
where the night entangled us upon its wild
where one by one our dreams together filled
A simple plan for us to be
gathered here the trilogy
Of Love, friendship and being.
Years have tinkered the sad plots
where the deceit hides it's face
a time where all was held in place
shattered upon the night and cried
Till love that sacred essence between us died.
I still care despite the pain
the ruined conception of the horrid rain
that fell upon us and devested the whole
Ruined the senses, drained the soul.
But love is love, and true never parts
It cares beyond the pain, the suffering we impart
It holds you still in its essence here
Still loved, still held dear.
No doubt it always shall bless the day
when first your face found my way
and etched for a time upon my life
As a companion. Friend and once a wife.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Scarlet the winged fancy
glides upon the summers tail
holds the glimmer of the Suns warmth
and touches straight through to the heart.
Passion, this fire that alights
burns to the constant need and want
holds open the frontier of sheer delight
and wears hard the flesh to the tease
the temptation that within
strolls the open vats of sensual longing
till free it bares the souls deepest secrets
wields the tempests strain
and frees itself out and upon
The floods of the body and mind.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Downtoen Nashville