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Eyed ladybird on daisy

My Little Wing
Ah! my little wing
that so flies deep
the mental dreams of sky and hope
How sweet the picture you paint
across the brazen splendor of the dawn
or rapture of sunset
Painting ever the horizons to your royal hues
of purple laden skies
and feathered clouds of lavender tints.
A wee fairy in your own right
from a world that lies between and through
This so called reality that mortals trace
all but give in to the reflection of you.
The little traces of your eyes so blue
that dance the airs of sidhes of old
an ancient soul, crafted and framed anew
That holds true the captivating pivot of life
and draws from this crazy poet
a breath of untold delight.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


The Worlds alright
There's something beyond the scope
a knowing that can neither be understood nor grasped
It lingers there, haunting the quiet moments
drawing out little provisions to the mind
As if that should sustain the moments drift.
Conclusions far beyond the gulf of being
that here now and then whispers out
calling you to me across the big divisions
Resting where dreams once drafted a network of hopes.
Its here within these chambers of mind
that we gather fast to the devouring chaotic will
placing our fears around us
walking the tinsel stroll of yesterday
believing as we mostly do, that time
had its play once upon a washed out moon
And left us each to dry out under its chilled reflection.
Seldom does the mind grasp firmly the original play
that pantomime these eternal Gods lead us through
We forget fast in the hurry of heart and mind
that which so eloquently drew fast our being
reflecting the pools of our liquid thoughts to run the long course
downward till dried under the hot mid day sun
it fades to the dream, that once begotten hope
that echoed so sweetly from your lips
And filled my ears and soul.
I can not think of any other course
than to run my words diligently through
that hard mattered clay that clogs the wheels
to open up fresh as the springs soft air
The truth that cannot be denied nor hushed away
Words once spoken that lay bright and full
dressed the new days glory ever to
the meaning of words that still pass through
holding as if in some archaic manner
All that my soul has ever wished or wanted to know.
Like a lullaby once whispered upon the still strings of night
from a mothers lips warm and embracing,
the tantalized air drew fast the images to mind
And wore the grin of contentment.
Till faded into the dark shawl of dreams
we left the world for fairy land,
Such it is, your words that delighted many the moons fair shot
still bridges here within to forever lay, deep and sound
As a mother's lullaby.
I drift between the sand banks of reason
there to cry upon the silver moon that once drew your eye
holding you to a far visioned hope of purpose
that now to even yourself you would deny.
Life holds fast the seasons of fate
those tides that roll upon a life
carrying the form between up drifts and lows
Till lost the ember fades into the deep- unseeing
Its the soulful whimpers that's left
the questioning wish, that last wanting cry
Haunts the fibers of sheer existence and lays all to its pain.
I see the dream, where still a summers wind can carry
nothing is gone, everything still holds root and form
calls out upon the souls being its wayward song
That all is not over, just starting.
So here with my hand outstretched I reach
hoping too your hand seeks the warmth of mine
that clasping together they shall breed a world anew
Like a song in the morning, a birds sweet lilting tale
That draws fast the images of hope and promise.
It is here again the words may fly
the journey reawakened, the heart to sigh
where fate held true to destinies glamour
and drew the heavy dark clouds of doubt
to pierce them through to the vibrant blue
I shall walk there, with you
I shall stand where the lingering night draws
and clasping tight your frame to mine
I shall know the worlds all right.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph



I looked deep into the silent eyes,
those ones that bore the pain.
A mother's tear that fed the world
dripped upon a parch cracked earth.
She bore the child,
hugged it it's final craddle,
kissed its tender soft hollow checks away
into a twilight lost of moments
This bearing of total decay.
A world crumbles apart
where the pangs of loss engulf.
Wears the saddened placement of faces
into a worn dream of wants.
The vengeance of a mother's love,
the despair upon her soul.
She peers dead upon the world,
haunting the fragment of life.
Till gone, the soft whisper of names
drains the demented mind away
into the soft visions of yesterday.
She turns upon the parched land
hearing the cries of others,
seeing the dropping of flies,
the fading of eyes,
The day all dies.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Sometimes it's the ride within your eyes
that dances it seems back upon mine
holds them fixed in their allure
to a moments wish, a seconds dream.
She smiles
across the small partition between
knowing well and true, my heart
is held by her captivating charm
and tossed upon a sea of fancy
little else is left of me
When she consumes the day so.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Weeping willows Ky

Candles Illusion
Weep the willow's frown
that drapes the soft flowing waters
that roll upon the streams sweet ripples
And nourishes the world to love.
Ah! Poor soul that gathers
where the tides no longer flows
lays upon the banks of sorrow
And here professes she longs not it's kiss.
For dead is she already
Gone far, far away upon the course
that love mocks her bewildered state
Hums upon the night her haunting song
that teases the heart of this blinded fool
that can see neither day nor night
For the illusion of her candle.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


Night to Dawn
Weep well the years
that shall fall and fade
the masquerade that haunts you
continues it delusion
floods the banks of your stream
and here in a quite night
You will sit, tears shall fall
and the soul that held you straight
shall have faded as the night to dawn
Alisdaire O'Caoimph


The day it draws its own fragrance
each one another drop, as delicate,
As fragile, as those warm hazel eyes
that stares back into mine, then tears
fill and surround each globe of warmth
That I have everyday witnessed, seen.
The melody of your soul's dance
the comforting tunes of life
Holds me to their witness
And caresses deep inside the soul.
Every image that casts to the sunset
a million wishes dreamt,
held and willed for encounter
Holds to its essence,
Your form upon my mind.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

I can't Profess
I cant profess to understand
these little ways that fill a woman's mind
How gentle she rocks between the forever and after
that drift upon her silent tears and wears daily a humble smile,
I try to comprehend every facet of her jeweled reflection
that grows here deep inside of this me heart
For the wanting embrace of her child like giggle
Her view of a sweeter innocent life.
I draw around me the forms
that somehow closer to the reality I am
Able to bridge the deep gap that binds her
forever to a wanting place, a silent ground.
Her tears that have gently run their course
washed the sins of heart away
Showed me in truth what life could be
awakened, resurrected the man in me.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph