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Alexander Morton
Alisdaire's Grandfather

I owe much to my late Grandfather, Alexander Morton, A man that held his heritage and beliefs high. Worked in the pits at the age of 11, fought in the 1st world war. was full of stories and tales, inspired a young mind to dream.

Whisper Softly Old one
Whisper softly Old One into my ear
talk to me in things old and dear
Of childhood memories captured within your mind
that you speak, begin to unwind
Tell me of your parents, your childish pranks
of your experiences in battle and their military ranks
To Golden days picking brambles in scented fields
To the great knowledge that time only yields.

Whisper softly Old One, excite my fears
With tales of horror and life's painful tears
Or whistle me a tune that in youth you'd sing
and of loves thorns that to a young heart would sting
Lay me off to sleep with your mothers lullaby
leave me wondering the reason behind each and every sigh.

Whisper softly Old One, though your no longer here
those memories now mine, all precious and dear
I recall your antics and gestures so well
those little things that bound me in their spell
I'll remember you Old One, I'll remember your ways
your tales I'll tell in my old days
Whisper softly Old One, whisper your tale
Let the ancients stories linger, Let them never grow Stale.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Alexander Morton at 17yrs old
Royal Highland Fusiliers..WW1

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