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Visions... Where dreams come together with fate....Where love meets the heart... Where a Soul dances to a heart's beat....Where one becomes whole.

By Alisdaire

Drawn Tight
I drew from your breath
the soft petal of dreams
Held its fruit upon my tongue
and knew The love I sipped.
Ah! This sweet exchange
where lips eager to the swift embrace
tastes of the liquid fire within the soul
The yearning of passion's show
That wants the moment engulfed, whole, complete
To the want the undying need
That floods these thoughts of yours, Of mine
the delicate intercourse of that sweet, sweet wine
That flows upon the streaming floods that is love
And here holds us both drawn tight, engaged.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

By Alisdaire O'Caoimph

If here in my silence,
where my world so sojourns
the empty space, the want, Its longing,
Will you hear my whisper
Know my want,
Shall the night ride me upon your thoughts
as you here fly upon mine.
Will I cast in dreams your fragrant hue
Shall you know the touch that reaches you.
Where the fabric of thoughts weave and coincide
The feelings that here within, I cannot hide.
Shall you know my love,
as true as all it holds
Will you rest here, within its fold
where visions told
bring you to me
where again our lips but softly graze
The tender wants of the dreams sweet haze.
Those whispers that are born upon the wind
that sings in their hum
the deep sum
Of all you mean here to me.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph

You Only Know
Do you see here
within these eyes
the want that seeks
holds you to its need
There views the whole of you
your mind, body and soul
And there speaks soft upon your ear
The words that you only know.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph
           sdaire O'Caoimph
         "THE GAEL"

Shaker house KY
by Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Rivers of the dream
That here a soul
can scream upon the twilight haze
that essence from which it grieves
the eternal awaiting clasp
That will bring all to its harmony
The joys of its oneness.
Where the winds soak the desert floor
and the sun half guarded stretches out
seeking its own reflection within the sea
That camels wade to and fro
In the scurry that life so shows
The redemption of a soul.
The kite in winged embrace hovers upon the tranquil night
this resting stop
where the soul sojourns and drinks
The bitter cup of life.
We walk the chambers of dreams
The night ridden corpse of fears
That entangle our vision to an ego's pride
engulfs us, oft times into its whole
That the simplicity, the truth of life
seems a stranger ground than that which we trace,
and walk blindly against the winds
That would lead us home.
The moon in bloom
again sings her song of want
The shekinah that dances the wild flair
that resides within the human heart
and longs the succulent groom its place
Where the bride awaits in her pace.
This doctrine of words and faith
The breed, of soul upon the soul
that seeks that union, that open field
where God and man yet but walk again
In the rivers of the dream.

Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Your face
That here I
where the night holds
brings the sigh
that gentle rose
that lays here where you arose
and holds its own twilight embrace
where dreams seek again your face.
Alisdaire O'Caoimph