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Poetry of Alisdaire O'Caoimph

Thank you for visiting my site,  thanks to one and all that have left feed back, Good or bad, your words are appreciated and I'm grateful to each of you communing with my heart and soul.
  I am from the West Coast of Scotland, a wee town called Ayr, You will find a lot of my poetry is about my homeland and Celtic tales, I suppose you could call it a haunting of home, cause the land seems ever with me, It bids my heart, calls across the great Atlantic in ways that only a Gael can truly understand.
  I have called this site Bardic Rhapsody, because it is a tune that plays forever within me.
      So welcome home to the Celtic spirit and airs, that I hope will touch your hearts and allow you to feel, as I do within, the Soul of the Gael.
                                                                            Alisdaire O'Caoimph